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Welcome butterfly lovers! Douglas-Michel Butterfly Plants is dedicated to providing quality Asclepias or milkweed seeds that are essential for the survival of the Monarch butterfly. Milkweeds are host plants for Monarch butterflies i.e. milkweed is the plant the Monarchs use for egg laying. The egg hatches after three days and begins to eat the milkweed leaves which provide the needed nutrition and protection for the caterpillars. Eventually the caterpillar becomes a chrysalis, (sometimes confused with a cocoon, which is for a moth) and then eventually emerges as a beautiful monarch butterfly.

The whole life cycle of the Monarch butterfly is therefore interdependent on the availability of milkweed. So much so that the Monarch butterfly, as a species cannot survive without milkweed.

Douglas Michel Butterflyplants specializes in providing the seeds for milkweeds, including Asclepias curassavica "Silky Gold", "Silky Deep Red" and "Red Butterfly", Asclepias Speciosa "Showy milkweed", Asclepias Fruticosa (Swan Plant) and Asclepias Physocarpa (Blowfish tree).

We also have a limited supply of Asclepia plants in one gallon containers available for sale to local customers for on site purchase only. Please call in advance for the availability of these plants. All of our plants and seeds are PESTICIDE FREE.

We do not provide Monarch butterfly eggs or caterpillars.

We are located 3.5 miles west of Aromas , California in Monterey County, the agriculture belt of the Central Coast. Our farm is on 3.5 acres overlooking Watsonville, which is 6 miles west of Aromas.

Our address is 18201 Murphy Hill Road, Aromas, Ca. 95004 and our hours of operation are by appointment only. Feel free to call us for a mutally agreeable date and time.

Douglas Michel milkweed seeds packets can be purchased directly from us, or can be purchased at these locations, Natural Bridges State Park , Coyote Hills Regional Park, Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, and at Pismo State Monarch Grove

We appreciate your business, but as a service to you, here is a list of other providers of milkweed seeds or plants that may be more conveniet for you. Thanks for your interest in preserving the Monarch Butterfly!!

Sandi Douglas and Pete Espinosa-Michel, Owner/Operators

Douglas-Michel Butterfly Plants

P.O. Box 581

Aromas, California 95004-0581

Telephone:(831)726-3626 Cell Phone: (831)840-8299

Monarch Way Station No. 244 page 25

Email Sandi at seeds at

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